Thursday, May 28, 2009

All about the Hair!

Ever since I was a little girl I have HATED my hair. It's course, wavy, frizzy, and unruly! I know many of you do not believe any of what I just said because my hair comes off stick straight, shiny, and smooth. Well guess what! Without product it would be a big poofy hot mess. These (along with a good hair cut and the infamous straightening iron) are things that I love for my hair:

Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal:
This product can be used on wet or dry hair (I just tried the wet hair and it works even better than before). Spray it all over before you blow dry and it locks out humidty and keeps you hair shiney. You can spray again once you have straightened your hair for finishing.

BedHead: SuperStar Sulfate Free Shampoo/Conditioner
This stuff smells AMAZING! The shampoo is strawberries and the conditioner is mint. It leaves my hair feeling clean and free of build up.

Sedu Straightener:
Amazing as well, much better than a CHI. My CHI always lost heat over time. This flat iron stays the same temperature and has a dial to set it to the right temperature for your hair.

I just got a few new products from Ulta today: BedHead's "SuperStar Queen for a Day" root lifter and S factor's "Silky Smooth Moisture Serum." I need something to keep the humidity out on those super humid rainy days or when I am in Florida. I am hoping Silky Smooth is going to do the trick. The Straight Sexy Smooth and Seal works great for KY weather but not sure it's going to hold up for the Sunshine/Humidity State (plus I can't carry it on the plane since it's over 3.3 ounces). I'll keep you posted on how they work. What are some of you favorite products?

UPDATE: So I LOVE every single one of the products above. The "SuperStar Queen for a Day" has to be used lightly, less is definately more with this product, but it is a great root lifter. I also added Bed Head's Foxy Curls Contour cream to take to the beach...we will see how well it works on this messy mop!

UPDATE 6-30-09: I am not crazy about the Foxy Curls contour cream...I did invest in another smoothing serum, by Bedhead (my new favorite hair brand!). Dumb Blonde Smoothing Serum, which comes in a cute little container and smells AMAZING! The Foxy Curls smells good too, like smarties. YUM!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I ♥ Chicago

Last week I had two dinner programs in Chicago. The weather turned out to be absolutely georgeous. I had prepared for the cold because everytime I have been to chicago it has been brutely cold. I spent two days walking around the streets of chicago in the sunshine, shopping and just enjoying the city life. I am headed back again this week for another work event Thursday and Friday. My two best girl friends are coming up to join me Saturday and Sunday for some more shopping, Legally Blonde on Broadway, and some sight seeing. I can not wait! Here are some pics of last week and excitement for things to come this week.