Friday, February 27, 2009

Theta Love and all Mine

This is by far one of the best chrismtas presents ever (maybe 2nd to when I got a puppy for christmas my senior year of high school). Jesse had all my old Theta t-shirts turned into a quilt, which I love and have yet to find a place to display (because I am so afraid the dogs are going to destroy it). I got a throw pillow that goes with it for Valentines day as well. I have to give credit where credit is due! Megan Smith did an amazing job putting my memories into something I can keep forever!


Nikki is graduating from Doggie class this week and I will have to say it has been an adventerous six weeks. The first week was okay, we learned the basics: sit, down, and heel. The second week I wanted to cry by the time the hour was up because Nikki was so bad. The whole hour she did nothing but try to eat my arm and the leash everytime I made her do anything. Week three was pretty much the same; she would do great practicing at home and as soon as we were around other dogs it all went out the window. The next three weeks were cancelled due to the ice storm and the national guard coming in (we meet at the armory). Week four was okay, we made it through 45 mins before she got too crazy to handle. We just completed week five this week and I have never been so proud and happy. Nikki is learning so much. She can (by word and hand command both) sit, stay, heel, down, turn/heel. That seems so simple but it has been a tough road to get there. Next week she graduates from level one and I am so happy that I decided to do this training with her. I think we will see even more progress once it warms up and I can get her outside more and about around other dogs and distractions. Way to go Nikki!!

Update 3.4.09
Nikki graduated level one dog training class tonight. She even got a graduation cap to prove it (and some special treats and toys from Nana for doing so well!)

Baby Fever

I was going through my pictures and found this and had to post it (mostly because I was so proud of how it turned out). It is a diaper cake made out of size one diaper's that I made for a guy that I work with (we through him a baby shower). On top is a frog wubbanub and a inital letter for baby Kayelynn. I am happy to make one for other showers.

Lonely bed

Back in December, Jesse and I found this amazing deal on craigslist for a luxury king size bed. If you are married and sleeping in a full or queen size bed you know how glorious the thought of a King is! We had talked about getting one, but they are so expensive we just couldn't see spending the money right now. THEN we came across this deal and we (I) couldn't say no! We moved our old queen bed into the spare room and sold the head/foot board (also on craigslist). Now we have an amazing Kind size bed, on a frame, but no head board...King beds/headboards are so OUTRAGEOUS! Our poor room looks so sad with this big bed and no headboard. I have seen DIY projects where you take an old door and turn it into a headboard (inspiration pic below).

My mission this weekend is to hit up some Salvage stores and see if I can find an old door to re-purpose and make my bed complete. I'm hoping to also come across an old window pane, that i can turn into a mirror (not sure where it's going to go, but I really want one). I'll let you know how it goes! I'd really like to get an old armless chair to recover too for our bedroom. If anyone knows of a good used furniture store to get something like that at, let me know.

Slacker: aka Me!

So it's a almost a week since I started on the frame project and it's still laying on my table waiting for some love...LOL!

On a trip to Michael's today, I completey decided to re-do the whole frame process. I was going to go with a khaki/cream polka dot them...but decided it was going to look to plain in my khaki walled bathroom. I hope to get to it tonight or tomorrow! We'll see if motovation comes into my life in the next 24 hours...

OH and I'm so excited because I got tickets for Jesse and I to go see Dave Matthews in Nashville the weekend after our two year anniversary! Our hotel room is free, thanks to all the travel I do! Hopefully we can treat ourselves to Ruth's Chris for dinner and get some yummy crab cakes and steak (if you love crab cakes, you have to have them from Ruth's Chris!) Although, I will have eaten at 5 really nice restaurants (one being Ruth's) for work by the time Dave rolls around and may be tired of steaks. I tried to get us Kings of Leon tickets in Cinci, but they were all sold out. Jesse would have loved me forever if I'd gotten those!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project Time

Amber and I have both seen these really cute, girly frames and have decided against paying $30 for one when we can make them ourselves. So on this lazy Sunday, I have dusted off my craft paint and start a project (hopefully one that I will finish, as I get a little ADD at times and get bored if the project doesn't go quickly). The one I saw was a khaki frame with cream polka dots, a big ribbon and a "happily ever after" inscription. After much time staring aimlessy at the paint and ribbon's at Michael's for different color inspiration, I have decided to go with exactly what I saw...Boring I know, but it will go nicely in my bathroom with my Khaki, red, and brown shower curtain. I try to contain my "girly" projects to my area's of the house to not impose them on my husband and his masculinity. If I lived alone it is quite possible that my house would like like For Friends got monogrammed and threw up on all over it, but I have a man living in the house, so we compromise.

More to come as the paint dries....aghhh this part takes forever! A.D.D. Kicking in.

So...I painted dried...I wrote on it and didn't like I can't get the paint to cover it up. I think I am going to have to get sand paper, sand it down, and then repaint...blah...this was suppose to be quick and easy. Guess that's what I get for not practicing the writing before I did it. Oh well, something to work on Monday night before Gossip Girl.

Lazy Lonely Sundays

This is what has been going on at the Rohr house today. It has been a lonely week, with Jesse being gone, even more so today. Most of the week I have been pretty occupied and haven't noticed that I have been in this big-o-house all alone. Friday night mom came over, with dinner...YUM...and we watch Madagascar 2. Cute Movie! Saturday was busy, busy. I went to my usual 9am spinning class, where I almost lost it because I thought I wasn't going to get a bike and there ended up being one bike left...shew! I would have been a little angry if I'd gotten out of bed that early on a Saturday for nothing! The I had a hair cut with someone new at 11. Her name is Charlie and I really like her! My hair looks great and I loved the Bedhead products she used (something for straightening and some waxy hairspray stuff). I have to call her and get the names so I can buy it. My hair smelt great all day. My hair was not as straight as I would have liked it, but I've yet to meet someone who gets it as straight as I do. Amanda...aka: Boo....invited me to go to dinner at La Hacienda and to the Penguin for Mary's birthday. Of course I went, I hardly ever get to see my Boo and I love Mexican food! I had not been to the penguin before. What a great bar! We got there really early to get a table. Who wants to stand all night? Not ME or Mary obviously. I was really surprised at how many different age groups of people were there. Let's just say some granny's can break it down to some old school piano playing. Mary had way to much fun, that's the best way I can explain it without incriminating her too much. All in all I had a good weekend. Now I'm lonely, tired of sleeping alone, and miss my husband! Two more nights alone and then he's back. Thank goodness! It's not enough to say I miss him!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I am a sucker for a make up! I don't know too many girls who aren't. Especially Lip Glosses and Eye Shadow. I will have to say for the past 7 years I have been a faithful Mac eye shadow purchaser. I love their how bold their colors are and how long they last, both on your eye and in the jar (plus when you return 6 empty Mac containers you get a free lipstick!) I have been trying to clean out my make-up bag/bags before buying new products. Last week I pulled out one of my impulse Target buys, a three color Cover Girl eye shadow in Golden Sunset. To my surprise not only do I love the colors, but for a few dollars on eye shadow, they last the entire day. I do not have to layer a primer on my eye before hand which I do with most all eyeshadows. I put it on in the AM and when I get home it is still magical disappearing act! I will be purchasing another one of these in browns and pinks soon.

My new favorite make up technique is to take the lighter color that you would apply on your brow and line the bottom of you eye lid with it, before putting on your eyeliner. It opens your eyes and give you that extra pizazz that you need to make you look awake. Another favorite make-up trick is to take a pink pencil or pink eye shadow and go from the inner corner of your eye out into your nose (just a short thick line). Then take the same color from the outside corner of your eye and draw a line up towards your eye brow. This instantly opens and wakes up the look of your eyes.

More beauty faves to come...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who woulda thought...

I can't even begin to count the amount of money I have spent over the years for a cleanser to remove my make up! Seriously, it cost as much to take it off as it does to put it on. I really like the convenience of the make up removing wipes...I have to admit I'm pretty lazy and hate taking my makeup off before I go to bed...but the wipes make it so easy. My favorite wipes are from Mac and cost around $25 for 100 wipes. I read in a magazine last night that baby wipes will do the trick. It almost seemed to good to be true. I wasn't exactly sure how much baby wipes cost, since I don't have a baby, but it had to be less than the Mac wipes. I hit up Target this afternoon to find that the Target brand sensitive unscented baby wipes, in a pack of 72 are $1.97. WOW!! Now...would they do the trick? I have to say they were AWESOME! I didn't even have to use eye make up remover. It took every bit of my makeup off with one wipe. I still plan to wash my face in the AM with my favorite Body Shop Aloe Cleanser, but what a great way to make my expensive cleanser last only have to use it once a day! This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me all day! Now the true test will be to see if the wipes make my sensitive skin break out. Let's keep our fingers crossed X.

It's been a couple of days since I started using the baby wipes to remove my make-up and I am in love with using them. My face is not breaking out and I've even used them two mornings in a row because I was too lazy to use my facewash. Definately A++ on the Baby wipes!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't blow it, good planets are hard to find.

There are so many simple things we can do to "GO GREEN" and is giving us a more trendy way to bring home our groceries and keep from having those mall bags pile up in your cloest with there Canvas Bags! This is one of my favorites. These would be simple to make as well. Michael's carries canvas bags (not as large as these) and now has iron on "GO GREEN" logos. also makes these dainty little necklaces. Many of which have been featured on show's such as The O.C., the new 90210, Private Practice, Chelsea Lately, and just about every fashion magazine on the stands. Each charm comes on either bamboo thread, that you wear until it breaks (said to be good luck) or a small chain attached to a thin peice of cardboard with a cute inscription. This feather one ranks in my favorites.

Spring Fling

There are so many cute things coming out for spring. I'm not sure that I can wait for the warm weather to arrive and shed these winter layers. Things I am loving right now are these really cute flower thong sandals from gap. Flowers and Roses are going to be HUGE for spring! We are going to find them on sandals, dresses, tops and jewelry. I say, if you love ruffles and bows, add roses and flowers to the list of thing you must have!
I am also LOVING these boyfriend crop jeans from American Eagle....right now only $29.95 as are all their jeans! What a great deal. Not sure how longs it's going to last, but if you need a pair of jeans, I would jump on that deal! These look great dressed up or down. Add a cardigan and ballet flats for a classy meets laid back look or just flip flops and a tank top. They are so much better than those skin tight, jean capri's that you can barely get over your hips. Thank goodness for boyfriend fits!

Don't forget to pick up something for yourself this weekend while you are out and about. Don' t think he's really going to pick up that cute valentine combo you found at Aerie or Victoria's Secret. As much as men like to see us in lingerie, they don't want to be caught dead anywhere near a lingerie store! Pick up yourself these cute boxer's from Aerie or American Eagle....if you're feeling generous, American Eagle has a great selection of Men's boxers for valentines day and every day.