Friday, July 29, 2011

What's the Skinny?

Back-to-School time is all about the jeans (American Eagle even has a song about them)...I've never really understood why, as it's still 90 degrees out and the last thing I want to put on my body is a pair of jeans. Nor do I get dropping a ton of money on school clothes. My mom didn't do the whole "back-to-school-shopping" trip. We got a new back-to-school outfit and maybe new shoes (usually tennis shoes, which is hilarious now because I haven't bought tennis shoes since 1999! I just steal my sister's when she gets tired of them). We then got clothes all year long rather than in bulk at the beginning of the year. Which to me, is waaaayyy better! I still shop like that. Some people go months without shopping and buy a bunch new stuff  at once. I however would rather buy a few pieces here and there all the time.

am stoaked to see something on the racks other than skinny (I had to rock my over the knee boots every day possible and that required skinny jeans/jeggings!). The reality of it is: Skinnies are not the most flattering jeans unless you are a 5'10" super model weighing in a 110lbs....I am loving the new skinny flare and the high waisted trouser's which are flattering on most people!

Here are my new fav's and a pair that I picked up at the Limited:

Tips for wearing this look: This style jean looks best if worn with a heel or a wedge, especially if you are on the shorter side.It will make your legs look long and lean. If you are wearing the wide leg version, go with a fitted top (don't want to look frumpy), if they are high waisted a tucked in blouse looks awesome, it can even be a little blousey, and if they are skinny flares you can do a blousey top or a fitted one, tucked in or not.

Are you as excited to see something other than non-flattering skinny jeans debuting for this fall like me? What other fall trends are you loving?

What Not To Wear: Extreme High Waisted Jeans...if JS can't pull this off, no one can!

Friday, July 1, 2011


For the past week I have been taunted by these adorable jean roll-up shorts from J.Crew catalog...just sitting there on my desk staring at me and screaming "Buy me Mindy, buy me!!" They are however listed at a low, low price of $79.50 (please do note my sarcasm when I say low.)

Selvedge Denim Shorts (courtesy of J.Crew catalog July 2011)

The reality of it is... I cannot wear jean shorts to work so I cannot fathom paying that price for a pair of shorts that may get worn a handful of times this summer. With that being said...I have been looking everywhere for something similar for a better deal. While AE has their new "mini" shorts (that are about 4 inch inseams, which is what the J.Crew short measures when cuffed) and they are somewhat similar but are a little more snug in the leg. So if that is the closet I am going to get then why not make my own cut-off, roll up shorts?

So I did. Just now and it took me about 10 minutes max. I started with an old pair of jeans that I do not wear anymore (they were a little on the short side, so I don't wear them hardly ever!) and did the following steps:

1. Lay out your shorts, smooth flat and cut them off at a longer length than what you want the end product to be. I went with 10 inches.

2. Next, I put them on so I could get a better judgment of how short I wanted them, if you cut too much at first, you can't add more back on so less is more in the beginning. Then I cut them up to 7 inches. This way when I cuff them, they will be more at a 4 inch inseam.

3. Cut both legs to match. I also cut little slits on the sides of the shorts as these jeans were a little tighter in the thigh than I wanted, slitting them made them more comfortable when I rolled them. I haven't worn these jeans in at least a year, and I know they stretch out a lot. I know they will be perfect once I sit in them for 15 minutes or so. Roll them or let them fray (if you want more fray, pull some of the threads and then wash them).

Finished Product:

Now, while they are not the $79.50 denim shorts from J.Crew they will satisfy my need to have a roll up jean short and fit almost identical to the $39.50 Midi's from AE and they cost me nothing.

I have to get ready for work now, but I'll try a full outfit with my new roll-ups this weekend.

Have a great weekend!!