Friday, July 1, 2011


For the past week I have been taunted by these adorable jean roll-up shorts from J.Crew catalog...just sitting there on my desk staring at me and screaming "Buy me Mindy, buy me!!" They are however listed at a low, low price of $79.50 (please do note my sarcasm when I say low.)

Selvedge Denim Shorts (courtesy of J.Crew catalog July 2011)

The reality of it is... I cannot wear jean shorts to work so I cannot fathom paying that price for a pair of shorts that may get worn a handful of times this summer. With that being said...I have been looking everywhere for something similar for a better deal. While AE has their new "mini" shorts (that are about 4 inch inseams, which is what the J.Crew short measures when cuffed) and they are somewhat similar but are a little more snug in the leg. So if that is the closet I am going to get then why not make my own cut-off, roll up shorts?

So I did. Just now and it took me about 10 minutes max. I started with an old pair of jeans that I do not wear anymore (they were a little on the short side, so I don't wear them hardly ever!) and did the following steps:

1. Lay out your shorts, smooth flat and cut them off at a longer length than what you want the end product to be. I went with 10 inches.

2. Next, I put them on so I could get a better judgment of how short I wanted them, if you cut too much at first, you can't add more back on so less is more in the beginning. Then I cut them up to 7 inches. This way when I cuff them, they will be more at a 4 inch inseam.

3. Cut both legs to match. I also cut little slits on the sides of the shorts as these jeans were a little tighter in the thigh than I wanted, slitting them made them more comfortable when I rolled them. I haven't worn these jeans in at least a year, and I know they stretch out a lot. I know they will be perfect once I sit in them for 15 minutes or so. Roll them or let them fray (if you want more fray, pull some of the threads and then wash them).

Finished Product:

Now, while they are not the $79.50 denim shorts from J.Crew they will satisfy my need to have a roll up jean short and fit almost identical to the $39.50 Midi's from AE and they cost me nothing.

I have to get ready for work now, but I'll try a full outfit with my new roll-ups this weekend.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I too coveted the those jean shorts from JCrew. I tried cutting off some longer bermuda shorts I had from last year (2 pairs actually), but I still wasn't satisfied- too tight in the thigh (even with slits). I ended up getting the BOYFRIEND fit midis from AE and LOVE THEM. I'm a teacher so I'm wearing them a lot this summer. I also like that they are appropriate for a mom of 2 kids who sees her high school students around town. I highly recommend them!