Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends

I am so excited about the trends for this fall and wanted to share with you some great pieces you'll want to add to your closet for a little update.

Menswear Plaids
I love menswear inspired pieces and plaids so put the two together and voila! instant greatness. I haven't seen a lot of this plaid in the past few years and I am really excited it is making it's ways back into the fashion world. These pieces are easy to wear with a solid jacekt for a mix-n-match suiting look or for a chic fall look through on a v-neck sweater.

Mad Men Fashion
This look is very "Lady Like" with high waisted trouser's, full skirts, ankle pants and laces. Banana Republic has even launched a whole "Mad Men" line....which in my opinion might have been a little much, but you can find this style in most all retailer's right now. The high waist trend, when done right looks good on most all body types. High waist trouser's are very elongating on the leg with a tucked in top but be sure to put on a heel...a ballet flat will make you look frumpy.

You are going to see a lot of statement accessories with chic simple outfits. There is nothing I love more than a basic black-on-black outfit topped off with a statement necklace or add a leopard scarf  and red pumps. Adding an new accessory is the easiest way to update an old outfit. 

What fall trends are you excited to add to your wardrobe? Stay tuned for the upcoming Scarf Tutorial. With so many different styles out there, it can get confusing on how to rock one!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Oh it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.... (dances around the room).

It's a low 83 degrees here in the Bluegrass and it feels amazing! I have spent majority of my afternoon just being lazy and running a few errands. Nothing too exciting or crazy going on these days. During the week I have to dress pretty business casual and I am usually in one brand from head to toe...however, since it's my day off, I thought I'd share one of my Outfit Of The Day for you since I've got some variety in my life....for 24 hours anyhow.

I can't say that I am all that excited for Fall even though the cool down has been nice (and by cool down I mean 95 degrees down to 85 degrees, but really nice, crisp 70 degree mornings) because then winter comes and I'm really not looking forward to snow and ice and brrrrrrr....being cold! I do like to throw on a sweater and jeans every now and then but I do that living in a warm state during the months of January and February  (thought of not putting on snow boots makes me smile and being able to use a pool more than 3 months of the year). I picked up this dolman, poncho really light wear-it-now sweater from Target and I wasn't sure if I was keeping it or not  as it's really not all that flattering. Having it on all morning has convinced me it's a keeper! I love how comfy and easy it is. It's not something I'm going to be able to wear into the winter, but for $16.99 who cares!  I feel like the cut is the new 2011 updated poncho (which was a trend I really wanted to rock back in 2006...but never could quite pull it off) the sleeves are stitched down the underside, unlike a poncho, but it's really flowy and lose. I think it's great piece for a day off but still looks very trendy and a little boho chic.

Target Xhileration Sweater $16.99
Ann Taylor Loft Bow Flip Flops
Micheal Kors Watch

What are your favorite wear-it-now, wear-it-later pieces? Do you dig the "summer sweater" or is it just still too warm?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Fall Trends!

Friday, July 29, 2011

What's the Skinny?

Back-to-School time is all about the jeans (American Eagle even has a song about them)...I've never really understood why, as it's still 90 degrees out and the last thing I want to put on my body is a pair of jeans. Nor do I get dropping a ton of money on school clothes. My mom didn't do the whole "back-to-school-shopping" trip. We got a new back-to-school outfit and maybe new shoes (usually tennis shoes, which is hilarious now because I haven't bought tennis shoes since 1999! I just steal my sister's when she gets tired of them). We then got clothes all year long rather than in bulk at the beginning of the year. Which to me, is waaaayyy better! I still shop like that. Some people go months without shopping and buy a bunch new stuff  at once. I however would rather buy a few pieces here and there all the time.

am stoaked to see something on the racks other than skinny (I had to rock my over the knee boots every day possible and that required skinny jeans/jeggings!). The reality of it is: Skinnies are not the most flattering jeans unless you are a 5'10" super model weighing in a 110lbs....I am loving the new skinny flare and the high waisted trouser's which are flattering on most people!

Here are my new fav's and a pair that I picked up at the Limited:

Tips for wearing this look: This style jean looks best if worn with a heel or a wedge, especially if you are on the shorter side.It will make your legs look long and lean. If you are wearing the wide leg version, go with a fitted top (don't want to look frumpy), if they are high waisted a tucked in blouse looks awesome, it can even be a little blousey, and if they are skinny flares you can do a blousey top or a fitted one, tucked in or not.

Are you as excited to see something other than non-flattering skinny jeans debuting for this fall like me? What other fall trends are you loving?

What Not To Wear: Extreme High Waisted Jeans...if JS can't pull this off, no one can!

Friday, July 1, 2011


For the past week I have been taunted by these adorable jean roll-up shorts from J.Crew catalog...just sitting there on my desk staring at me and screaming "Buy me Mindy, buy me!!" They are however listed at a low, low price of $79.50 (please do note my sarcasm when I say low.)

Selvedge Denim Shorts (courtesy of J.Crew catalog July 2011)

The reality of it is... I cannot wear jean shorts to work so I cannot fathom paying that price for a pair of shorts that may get worn a handful of times this summer. With that being said...I have been looking everywhere for something similar for a better deal. While AE has their new "mini" shorts (that are about 4 inch inseams, which is what the J.Crew short measures when cuffed) and they are somewhat similar but are a little more snug in the leg. So if that is the closet I am going to get then why not make my own cut-off, roll up shorts?

So I did. Just now and it took me about 10 minutes max. I started with an old pair of jeans that I do not wear anymore (they were a little on the short side, so I don't wear them hardly ever!) and did the following steps:

1. Lay out your shorts, smooth flat and cut them off at a longer length than what you want the end product to be. I went with 10 inches.

2. Next, I put them on so I could get a better judgment of how short I wanted them, if you cut too much at first, you can't add more back on so less is more in the beginning. Then I cut them up to 7 inches. This way when I cuff them, they will be more at a 4 inch inseam.

3. Cut both legs to match. I also cut little slits on the sides of the shorts as these jeans were a little tighter in the thigh than I wanted, slitting them made them more comfortable when I rolled them. I haven't worn these jeans in at least a year, and I know they stretch out a lot. I know they will be perfect once I sit in them for 15 minutes or so. Roll them or let them fray (if you want more fray, pull some of the threads and then wash them).

Finished Product:

Now, while they are not the $79.50 denim shorts from J.Crew they will satisfy my need to have a roll up jean short and fit almost identical to the $39.50 Midi's from AE and they cost me nothing.

I have to get ready for work now, but I'll try a full outfit with my new roll-ups this weekend.

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dress Obsessed

I am obsessed with dresses. Literally. Obsessed. I can not seem to get enough and I am always on the hunt for a new one. It's hard living in a town with not a lot of clothing options, other than the mall brand stores, Limited, Express, Ann Taylor, Loft, etc. My B.F.F. (forever) and I always have the "where the heck did that cute dress come from! We know the inventory of every store in the mall!" conversation every time we see a cute dress on someone. My only guess is these girls budgets for clothing are a lot more than mine and are hitting up the local pricey boutiuqes and well...I can get so much more for $300 than one dress with my employee discount.

One of my new fav line of dresses comes from Jessica Simpson....she really has awesome dresses! If you haven't checked them out, you should! I was so lucky to score these two today, on sale, at Dillards:

I really wanted this in green last year and was so excited to see the style back in this adorable white eyelet.
Buy it here (not on sale...but probably on sale at your local Dillards)

And a version of this...same style dress but with navy and orange flowers.
Buy the black and yellow version (here)

I am really digging this Max and Cleo dress I came across while looking up JS dresses on Zappos:

Max and Celo Cotton Mandy Dress $138 (buy here)

From my fav mall store, The Limited, here are my picks from the new summer line of dresses. I am totally digging the whole red and blue, patriotic feel right now and will proudly wear my country's colors.

Can't leave out LOFT:

What is your favorite line of dresses? Are you obsessed too....or not so much?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Night Long

Reader's get ready to brace yourself...this one is the miracle product that I can no longer live without! The make-up product I have been searching high and low for years. The product that amazes me every time I put it on. It's Urban Decay's "All Nighter" Setting Spray.

How does it work? Once you are finished putting on your entire face of make-up, in a circular motion, spray 2-4 pumps of this miracle product onto your face and wa-la it literally will keep your make-up on your face, looking as good as it did when you finished applying it, for the rest of the day. I used to always look in the mirror around 3 pm and wonder "where did my make-up had go?"...no longer do I have to ask myself that question because this little investment keeps it there till I take it off. It feels like a light mist of water going on your face, does not feel sticky or heavy and it claims to stay on for 16 hours...not sure I have had to have my make-up on for that long, but I do not doubt one bit that it would last that long.

Where can I buy it and how much? You can buy Urban Decay products at Macy's, Ulta, and Sephora. It runs at a pricey $29, but worth every penny if your make-up does a disappearing act like mine does. You can buy a 1oz. sample at Sephora for $11 if you wanna give it a test drive before jumping in $30 deep. It also comes in a dewy version called "Dew Me" and a oil control version called "De-slick."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well Hello Again

It's been a while! I have missed you! A lot has changed over the past few months and it has been forever since I have gotten a free moment to blog. Life has been busy, busy, busy. I really want to get back to doing the things I love and blogging is one of those. I do wanna know what you like best about my blog? Do you like to see outfits, product reviews, here me ramble...etc? I wanna give you more of what you wanna see. Unfortunately, my outfits are going to be a little more bias towards one brand now that I am working in retail again, but I can try and show you ways to mix in new pieces with old pieces.

And now I have to share with you my new found love...Sofft Shoes. Working on my feet for 8+ hours a day on hard wood flooring has not been a joy ride and I was ready to shell out a ton of dough for a pair of shoes that wouldn't kill my feet. I headed to Dillard's to check out Sofft Shoes and Cole Hann Air Pumps. After an hour of trying on different shoes with an adorable little old man (If you know me, you know I have a special place in my heart for little old men) I left with these awesome new Sofft Shoes.

Sofft shoes is made by Born (which is not so trendy...but  oh-so-comfy) and these shoes are  did not let me down in the comfy department. They are listed around $100 online but I snagged a pair at Dillard's for $49.99! I get so many compliments on them from the young and the old. Plus I can wear them for 8 hours straight and not feel like I want to saw my feet off.

More to come! I promise. Maybe not daily, but hopefully I'll be able to give you something to read through 1-2 days a week.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Build your Ark, the flood is coming!

O.M.G....It is never going to stop raining here in good ol' Kentucky! I am pretty sure I should start looking for wood and collecting my animals because I may need to start building an Ark if this rain keeps on. I would love to see the sun shine, wear my fairly new RL sunglasses, and to not have to carry around my broken umbrella (thank you 30 mph wind for destroying my J.Crew umbrella...no really, I appreciated that!).

On a brighter, less rainy and miserable note, I have gotten some really cute pieces from The Limited over the past week and wanted to share! As I was pulling the pictures I had to stop and laugh-out-loud because majority of what I picked up is either white or cream. Oh could I be more boring? I just can't help it...I love neutrals!

First is this OBR (Outback Red, a casual Limited line) Blazer. I have already worn it three times over the past 8 days. Look awesome with my skinny 917 jeans and the cream lace tank (that you will see below), the white skirt, and with the cream lace skirt (all also seen below).

This lace tank is so beautiful on! It's is great alternative to a plain tank...because well it is still plain but oh-so dainty and detailed with the lace flowers.

Now THE lace skirt! Va-va-Voom is how I feel when I have this on. It's a little shorter than a regular pencil, but I am okay with showing a little leg (wink, wink).

I really like to wear the cream lace tank tucked into the lace pencil skirt. It almost appears to be a cream lace dress when paired together. Would've made an awesome Keeneland outfit, but I didn't make it out there this spring. The perfect topper is this mauve colored cardi.

I have a new found obsession with pencil skirts...as if one light colored pencil skirt wasn't enough...I went and got this white sateen pencil skirt which can be worn with just about anything. I really hate wearing pants in the summer so I usually opt for a dress or a skirt. The heavy sateen is perfect for concealing your "delicates" but not to heavy for those warm 90 degree days that will (fingers crossed) be here before we know it.

FYI: Macys is having their infamous friends and family right now (25% off everything! Eek! Run now and buy some stuff!) so I could not leave the store without these now could I?

I knew you would agree! Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you took advantage of some great holiday sales this weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello There!

Wow what a crazy four weeks it has been! I have started a new job, turned 30 (eek! can't believe I just said that out loud....I kid, it really doesn't bother me all that much), spent my birthday on the beautiful beach of Fort Lauderdale and it all seems like a blur. Life is good, I cannot complain. Other than the fact that the weather has been a bit of a downer as it is so up and down. Can a girl just get some warm spring weather? I have cute new things I need to wear!

One of my favorite stores, The Limited ran an awesome 40% off the whole store sale this past weekend and I snatched up some great sales pieces! Including this Trench featured in their national ads for $29.99! Say What?!
And this incredible lace skirt for $17.99!

I am also slightly obsessed with shoes from Aldo at the moment. I have to say that in years past I have hated their shoes and sometimes I still really have a hard time fitting into their sizes (come on Aldo can we just get a half size...it can't be that difficult? All other brands out there do it) but now I could pick out at least 5 shoes that I think I cannot live without. These sandals I got a few weeks back started my addiction. They are AWESOME and worth every penny! I can stand 9 hours and my feet do not feel like they are going to fall off my body by the end of the day.

Awilda $70.00

I recently ordered these two new Aldo shoes and I am patiently awaiting the arrival of:


I really do love spring and spring shopping. Everything is light and airy, the fabrics are colorful and bright, it is just such a relief from the drag, blah winter blues. Keep a look out as it is Macy's friends and family starting next Wednesday! I hope to snatch up a new watch (like I did last year) with a little gold in it. You can also almost guarantee there will be awesome sales for Good Friday and Easter...then hold tight as Memorial Day is just around the corner. Ahhh Summer. How I can't wait for you to arrive!