Sunday, October 31, 2010

If ony I'd had this yesterday...

New Flash

My Peacock Costume won 2nd Runner up last night at Drakes. I was pulling for first and everyone loved my costume....but I lost to Teen Wolf and some Madd Hatter who claimed to have made his entire costume I mean really, how original is your costume when there are two of you there. He didn't hot glue over 100 peacock feathers onto his costume. There were sooo many good costumes. A couple did the best scarecrow and tin(wo)man, the mouse DJ thing from the VMA's, hungry hungry hippos, Saved by the Bell (minus the dork), Scooby Doo and his gang.

Oh well no hard feelings. I didn't have to win anything....but it was fun that I did. And the $50 Gift Card to BHG will come in handy. Here is a picture of me and Mr. Teen Wolf.

My friend Amanda went as Snooki and an awesome Snooki she was! Everyone wanted a picture with her. No joke! You would've thought she was the real deal. How fun would it be to go out as the Jersey Shore Gang if you really are the Jersey Shore Gang on Halloween and pretend you are in costume. Surprisingly no-one else in the whole place was dressed up as a Jersey Shore character. I was for sure their would be tons!

Incredible Weekend Deals!

Saturday's mission: do little to nothing, exchange a few things, and maybe shop around a bit. I am really, really trying to not spend money on clothes this month because I bought way too much stuff over the past month. The changing of the season is always a big splurge for me. It doesn't help matter's that ATL keeps putting out such cute stuff and sucking me in. They know my will power is low. Speaking of cute stuff, I am however disappointed with how uncute the stuff at The Limited is. I literally had to search, and search, and search again before finding something I could spend my virtual dollars on last week. We all know we can't just let those expire. Sucking me in again!

So I set out to find a few things yesterday and I found three of the four things on my list. I found blue feather eye lashes for my costume. Oh and Thank you Halloween City for selling crap, at the highest price bottle of glue was completely I had to go back out and get some. I found tights at Target for $5.00 and they are a little UK blueish (no teal but they still look great!) I found my wrap at Macy's for 50% off the original price. Got  my pants exchanged at AE (perfect fit now), switched my pants at Express (now they are too big..geeze I shoulda tried them on), and found these goodies as a little Happy Halloween Treat to me:

AE Cargo Jeggings for $14.00 (these are not them...the ones I got are sold out on-line, but look almost identical to these AE ones minus the side zippers and are way softer!).

Sunni Mid Calf Leather Boot. Normally $128. In the store (note: online they are $89.99) they were marked down to $49.99 and an additional 30% off! Making them a whopping $37.00 after tax! Not to mention, I used my Best Costume Contest Gift Card, so I spent $12 on them. Thank you Julie for the  ATL boot notice!

I am still on the hunt for a fur vest. The Old Navy one was put on clearance and sold out. I like this one featured on (below) but I'm not sure I want to spend $70 on it. I just don't know that I would wear it $70 worth. And the reviews say it's a little cropped. I'm not sure if a cropped one or a hit-at-waist one would be better. If you see a good one out there for less, let me know!

Tinley Road Fur Vest $69.00. Buy it here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Mindy Wants Now!

Wow with that title this list could go on, and on, and on, and on........What doesn't Mindy want? Everything.

This weekend I am on the hunt for a few things (with a few Halloween things thrown in there). The list includes but is not limited to:

1. Blue Feathery Eyelashes (for Hallween, not real life)

2. Teal Tights (for Halloween and maybe real life)

3. A faux fur vest (see photo below for my inspiration)

4. A faux Burberry plaid wrap. Not a real Burberry because I have a house  payment to make and we have already discussed how I do not, even though it's fun to pretend, have an endless supply of money. Eek! the truth is out. Hope we can still be friends.

It's all because of Olivia Palermo that I really, really want a black faux fur vest. Dang her for being so cute (excpet for those glasses...not a fan). This outfit is so simple, but I am loving it. I am a huge fan of all black. Probably too much of a fan.

I also have a few mall stops to make for exchanges. AE to get a smaller size in skinny jeans. Express for a larger size in skinny cargos. Seriously can we not get women's sizing down to a science? If I buy a four it should be a four. It is 2010...and while I'm complaining, gosh dang it we need to figure out how to warm up the spray tan solution!

I think Macy's has the wrap (Thank you Julie!), on sale, plus I have a coupon! Now to track down the fur vest. I saw one at Old Navy a few weeks back...when I wanted a brown I'm not sure if it will still exist or not. Fingers crossed.

Happy Halloween 2010

Finally! Hallowen is here (well Halloween Party day anyhow) and I can now reveal my most incredible creation to the world!

Best Costume 2010

There's a little (no pun intended Ali, even though you look so tiny next to me that I could carry you around in my pocket) Elphaba in my picture, but don't worry...she won't call the flying monkey's to attack!  Even if she did I'm sure that my peacock beauty would put them in a trance.

There are over 100 peacock feather's in my entire costume. I made every last piece (except the leggings...Express made those) the earrings (can't really see here), the peacock tail, the arrangement on the front of my corset (black corest is from The Limited a few years back), the double tutu (with peacock feathers sewn in) and my shoes are adorned with peacock feathers. I'm thinking about spicing it up a bit for going out tonight as I try to win something at Drakes. I am in it to win it! Although it is ridiculously cold (insert a brrr and a shiver here) in the Bluegrass this weekend, considering last Saturday it was 80 degrees! Why can that not be today? You really cannot make me happy...if it's 80 I'm mad I can't wear my OTKB and if it's 50 out then I can't wear my Peacock costume. So I may and may not get a little funky with changes....I may add a peacock shrug, peacock leg warmers, and peacock socks to keep warm!

Here are some other great shots of my works Halloween Costumes:

It's Flo from Progressive. How does she always know the insurance that we need?

A beautiful Geisha (and her trusty peacock)

Glenda and Elphaba
I didn't get a great shot of everyones costume (horrible inside lighting), even though this is one of the best years as far as costumes go! Abvoe we have in addition to the ones already shown: an Egyptian Princess, The Dixie Chicks, an alligator, a flapper, a cave girl, a vampire, an old man/geezer, the black-eyed peas, an apple, and an etch-a-sketch.

I work with really fun, creative people. Be jealous!! We are fabulous!

Oh! And not to bring it back to me....but this is my blog...check out my great tan. It's obvious I did not get bronze from laying out in the 50 degree sun and fake-n-baking is horrible for your skin (I gave it up this past spring and yes, I will pat myself on the back-pat, pat, pat). It is compliments of "No Line Tanning" at Hair Cafe. They have an airbrush consultant and she does an amazing job! I've been using Versa Spa from Sun Tan City since about June and while it looks good (I go regularly twice a week) everyone noticed how great my new tan looked. There definitely was a difference in the quality of product going on my body. I highly recommend them and can send you their info or you can find them on Facebook here. There is Costume Contest, so if you want to enter to win one month unlimited call them asap!

Happy Halloween! Be Safe. Don't Drink and Drive!

**disclaimer: If anyone would prefer to not be featured in my blog, please facebook me asap and I'll remove your picture, even though these are all so, so good and taken by me personally.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peter Riding Boot ATL

For those of you interested the Peter Riding Boot at ATL is back up!!

Click Here to buy.

30% off with code: GOFORIT

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh Canada!

I am finally back in the "States" as the Canadians like to call it and I am O-So-Happy! Going that long without my iPhone should be illegal. It is however interesting to see how I function without technology. Well to be's not good. Do you know how hard it is to locate restaurants in a city you are unfamiliar with without your "Map" App? Dang AT&T and their horrible international rates. Oh well. I survived, had a great work week, and got the opportunity to see a little bit of Vancouver (which rarely happens).

Here are a few pictures from The Capilano Bridge. It is 240 feet high, the length of two 747 airplanes (wing tip to wing tip) and was pretty dag on scary to walk across.

This area is straight out of a Twilight movie. I would not have been shocked at all if Edward Cullen whooshed right passed me hunting his food.

As you can see I am sporting my new Express Military Ruffle Coat that I featured in previous posts (see here). It was pretty cold in Vancouver at 16 degrees Celsius or below the entire time we were there...I am still trying to remember the conversion for Celsius to Fahrenheit...oh well, let's just say "it wasn't warm." The coat looked great and kept me toasty warm.

In other exciting H&M was attached to our hotel. How incredible was that?! I could have picked up a ton of things....but my new theme song is "Control" ., I had to take it easy. I picked up a fabulous fur scarf featured here on J's Fashion Blog for about $17 and a great little striped-t with a ruffle sleeve.

Pats self on back for having control. Now if I could only get back on East Coast time. The Hubs is knocked out snoring and I'm....well....obviously not.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

World Equestrian Games 2010

Our city was blessed to host the W.E.G this year. We (residents of Lexington) were for sure it was going to cause havoc on our town, all the roads were re-done, a hotel was suppose to be built (instead we got a big green spot downtown) and lots of really cool free concerts downtown (most of which were country...because all people in KY love counry- NOT!). I kept waiting for it to get insane but it just never did. Maybe the last six months of construction hell really paid off.

Here are some great pics my hubby snapped of me and some friends for a day at the Horse Park and watchin the "Vaulting" competition. I started out with a really cute outfit. My ATL OTKB, my new AE Jeggings, and a new striped sweater from ATL....but it went from 60-85 degrees and I ended up sweating from the 2 mile walk into the park, so it ended up being "t-shirt time!"

Notice the adorable boots...even though it turned out to be 80 degrees.

Big Chair, Hot Girls

Don't challenge me...I will do it.

WEG 2010 Vaulting

Whoot, Whoot! Tractor Trolley

Little PDA on the Tractor Trolley

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh It'll Be Easy!

It is ridiculous, the things I get myself into...

Instead of picking one of the super cute, already made, no work, custom's featured previously, I had to be more creative and make something waayyyy more original. Which means....I sign myself up for more work than I want to put into it. If you know me, then you know I a.) have A.D.D. when it comes to projects and crafts and b.) I have to do it 100% or not at all. I will obsess over it until I figure out what I am going to be crafting up....then I realize they "easy project" is not so easy.

 I cannot give away the details of what I decided to be, but I will defiantly post pictures once I win the work Halloween party (hehe....little overzealous, nah, never). I do hold "Best Costume 2008" It's a pretty rocking costume. It involved ordering 100 pieces of something, a lot of hot glue, and a lot of tulle. So I am spending my Friday night watching a Jersey Shore marathon (who remembered that The Situation and Sami hooked up...weird!) Make sure you wear your bullet proof vest and watch out for those grenades!

Madonna "Like A Virgin" 2008

Bring it 2010! I think everyone is going to love what I picked for this year. Hopefully, I don't destroy it at my Halloween Party tomorrow night. That would be an ultimate fail!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I am a liar.

Okay. There! I said it.

I took a vow back in 2009 that I would not, absolutely, without a doubt, never, ever, ever purchase a pair of Jeggings. Ever! Who needs to wear jeans that are that tight and form fitting? Obviously ME!

For the first time last week, I tried on pair of American Eagle jeggings (to wear with my OTKB...because everything in my life revolves around those amazing boots) and I am in love. Head over Heels, In love. They fit some amazing. It's like, well...wearing leggings (duh, doesn't take a rocket scientiest to figure that one out). My husband is still fascinated every time I put them on and is probably slightly jealous that there isn't a pair of jeans that feel as awesome as my Jeggings in the men's department (except not form fitting/skin tight....bad visual of the hubby in jeggings...eek!). They are so soft, comfy, easy to move in, so doing any small task is so much more pleasant than in straight leg or skinny jeans.

I really want another pair as I am sitting here damning my uncomfortable straightleg jeans that feel like they may cut me in half when I sit down, but are hanging off my waist when I stand up (geeze..can't we figure out the growing waist thing...seriously. It's 2010.) I am converting people left and right as all sizes really can wear this pant. The key is to get them in a size that fits. Too small equals stuffing yourself in like a sausage. That's never good in any jean. And we definately don't want muffin top. Dark colors are flattering on all people and look great with casual tops and dressing tops. I personally like the jeggings with a button, like real jeans and not the slip over the hips style....still trying to figure out how that works. Just reminds me of really bad mom jeans with elastic around the waist.

Here are some of my favs:

Ann Taylor Loft Inky Blue Wash Jegging (buy here) $69.50

American Eagle Worn Dark Jeggings $29.95 (buy here)
American Eagle Cord Jegging $29.95 (buy here)

American Eagle Dark Indigo Jegging ** The pair I bought $39.50 (buy here)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Help me pick my Costume

I am being extremely indecisive when it comes to my costume this year, so I am going to let you vote and then maybe I can come to a conclusion.

Should I be:

Lady Gaga: Silver with Short Wig

Lady Gaga: Black Dress, Long Wig
Katy Perry: California Gurls

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit

What is your favorite?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's official. Fall is here. I am cold.

I am happy, if and only if, it gets back up to real fall weather and not jump straight to winter. Saturday was a beautiful 72 degree day, the sun was shining, and fall was in the air. Today...not so much. It's barely 50 degrees, cloudy and miserable. After scanning facebook and reading these ridiculous status updates about how wonderful this fall weather is, I am pretty sure my friends are in denial and/ or possibly just crazy. Yesterday was fabulous. Today pretty much confirms my self diagnosis of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Which duh...just makes me sad.

Now...think happy thoughts: food candles (cinnamon bun burning as we speak),  over-the-knee boots (I think I need more pairs...I can't wear these same ones everyday can I?), warm cozy sweaters, buying candy corn to decorate with and then eating way to much of it, turning on my heated seat in my Edge, lighting the fireplace (probably need to get that tank refilled asap before it really gets cold and I freeze to death. It could happen...), putting on my ugg slippers, knee high socks, carving a pumpkin, drinking Hot Chocolate, watching the leaves change color,
and snuggling on the couch with the hubs and watching way too much TV (Ooo! That reminds me, I still need True Blood Season 2! Gotta get on ordering that!)

My inspriation to fill my candle cars with candy corn...$10 bets the hubby eats out of it!
Modern take on a Fall/Halloween Wreath. Maybe my next art project (details here)
Just makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

Happy Fall!