Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Baaack!

It's been a long, but successful week. I have arrived home a lot pastier white (thank you Versa-spa for not lasting those full 5 days) even though I've been in the desert,  a lot more blistered (two pairs of shoes murdered), and finally caught up on my sleep (dang you west coast time). Signs of the World Equestrian Games are everywhere, starting with the people on my plane (I think I may have been the only Lexington Native aboard) to the traffic on the drive home. When I left last Wednesday it was 80 degrees at 5 am and the high today is only going to be 78 degrees. It is however quite the relief from the Arizona 100 degree weather and I am ready to embrace fall with open arms. I mean seriously, I have some incredible OTK boots that need to be broken in. And I'm dying to buy some new chunky cardigans to go over my dresses for those cool fall days. Here are a few that I have my eye on:

Aerie Open Cardi (buy here) $39.50

Victoria's Secret Wool Blend Open Cardi (buy here) $49.50 on sale
VS Textured Shawl Cardi (buy here) $59.00
Express Belted Metallic Sweater (buy here) $69.90
Express Oversize Shawl Sweater Jacket (buy here) $79.90

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work Trip

Well "The Reality of it All" readers, I am off to Chandler, AZ and then Las Vegas, NV for work (sad life I lead...really, it is...all work and no play). I will be back next Tuesday night. I'll try to have some goodies stashed up for your reading pleasure upon my return.

Miss you.

Different Day, Different Boot

Here it is. What we've all been waiting for. The arrival of my Ann Taylor Loft Over the Knee Boots.

**Note the little fur ball in the lower left corner and the little purple elephant placed on so carefully next to my boot. Thanks Maddy for contributing to the photo op.

Definately Over the Knee. Love, love, love them. Nikki does too.

You can even laugh hysterically in these boots...Hubby and I laughing like crazy at Maddy, the yorkie, as she tried to jump on the bed, purple elephant in her mouth and smacked head first into it. Nikki, photo hog thinks I'm a nut. as does the Hubby for buying boots that go half way up my leg. He knows zero about fashion. Geeze. Boys...

Overall Happiness: pretty dag-on high! I am so happy I decided to return the Marshall's boots (even though they are still pretty stinkin cute, especially if you are about 5'4" so they hit above your knee) and get the ATL ones...The ridiculousness of it is, I got them for about half off after all my discounts and they were cheaper than the Marshall's Me Too boots. The quality is wonderful, the leather is so soft, and they hit in just the right spot. I already have a million things in my head of what to wear with them. Now, mother nature needs to give us some fall weather so I can put them to good use.

Go Audrina!

I am not a DWTS fan...never watched an episode in my life, but I am a huge Audrina Patridge fan. I think she is absolutely georgeous (unlike those other crazy, catty girls on the Heidi), has great personality (minus her thing for loser boys) and is the perfect image of what a California Girl should be.

I am not sure I can sit through an hour of that show, but I will be Youtubing Audrina's performance every week (and The Situation's-Go Jersey!) to see how she performs.

I think she did well for her first week. She could totally sex it up a bit, but I think once she gets in the swing (no pun intended) of it and feels more comfortable on stage we will see great things from her! What do you think? Are you a DWTS fan? Who are you rooting for this year.

Go Team Audrina!

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Just In....

So after much stress revolving around these beautiful Ann Taylor Loft (ATL) boots and the SOLD OUT issue...and then finding these at Marshall's, I decided to try calling the 1-800-LOFT-444 number to try to locate them. Gosh-darn-it if the guy didn't find me a pair (who knows where they are coming from, but I was for sure somewhere in the US had to have them!). The only issue I foresee is the size, but at least I have snagged a pair, with my  two $25 off cards, and I can exchange them later if they don't fit.

Mission Accomplished!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have been patiently waiting for The LOFT to get their Over-The-Knee-Boot back into stock. Who knew they'd be sold out when it's only mid-September and not even cold enough to wear boots....90+ degrees outside. And by sold out, I mean sold out in store, on-line, and every store within 150 miles of my zip code, sold out!

Ann Taylor Loft Boots

I don't know if you have seen the recent Marshall's commercial...with the designer's assistants who order  a 1,000 boots each when the designer only wants the original 1,000, so obviously Marshall's takes the extras. Well the boots featured are adorable (and very similar to the ones above) and there was not way that those boots would actually be in their stores, right? Well you guessed wrong! They have them in black and brown and I snagged myself a pair before they were sold out as well.

What do you think? Keep these or wait till October for the Ann Taylor LOFT ones?

They aren't quite "over the knee" so that's why I am a bit iffy...hit right in the middle of my knee.

A little lace up action in the back. The straps around the calf is a little bigger than the boot...wish that was a little snugger.

 It's impossible to do anything, with three dogs...."go away....your in the picture"...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I don't think it is a stretch to say that I am obsessed with nail polish. Unfortunately the reality of it is it usually is not the $2.00 polish from Walmart or Target (although I did just find an awesome gray from Pure Ice at Walmart that I love for $2.00!)....nope it's the OPI, Essie, $8.00 and up a bottle kind. Dang you Ulta and your buy two, get one free plus $3.50 off  a $10.00 purchase. You suck me in every time. Why the $8.00 polish you ask? Well the brushes are usually better, the consistency is perfect, the colors are impeccable, the names are worth $4.00 alone, and I really do believe they stay on better (of course I have to have the bonding agent and the top coat). Bond Aid by OPI is AWESOME. Let me say it again, it is AWESOME! However. I do not know where to get it (I'm sure Amazon has it...just thought of that....duh). They use it at the salon and it keeping my polish going, and going, and going. I did buy another bonding agent and it works, but not as well as the Bond Aid.  Anyhoo I picked up three great new polishes from Essie (currently buy two get one free at Ulta....and don't forget to google a coupon before you go).
Over the Knee 
(just applied this about an hour ago...I perfect taupey fall color...huge in the magazines right now!
Plus I really want "over the Knee" it's fate, right?)
Rock Star Skinny (for when I wear my skinny jeans...duh because everyone needs a nail polish that complements their jeans right?)

Damsel in a Dress (hope this looks different from OPIs Lincoln Park After Dark, but won't be the first time I bought colors that look identical).

Do you have a favorite nail polish color or a new fall color you are digging?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's in the Bag

I would not by any means consider myself a make-up guru, or someone who takes make up risks. I do like to try lots of different products trying to find the perfect balance of dewy, young, and fresh. I love to know what other people are wearing (if I think it looks good on them). Working in an office full of women, we have almost tried it all...and if we haven't our receptionist has the bible of make-up, "Before you go to the Counter without me" (buy it here)  the ultimate make-up review book. After lots of trials of all different types of foundations, mascaras, blushes, etc., I have found my "go-to's" and "can't live without's"

Here's what is in THE bag that is:
Make Up For Ever HD at Sephora

Mac Cosmetics Bronzer

 Nars Blush in Orgasm (Super Orgasm looks incredible too! No, I didn't make that up....that really is the name of it...I promise)

Mac Eyeshadow in multiple colors....these things last forever!

Almay Eyeliner-goes on smooth and stays on without flaking

Maybelline Falsies Mascara- LOVE IT!

Buxom Lip Plumper in Trixie (made by Bare Minerals)  and it gives a nice minty plump...not a burning, my lips
are on fire, someone get it off plump

That's the reality of what's in my bag and on my face. What's in your bag that you can't live without?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Equestrian Style

With the World Equestrian Games (WEG) just right around the corner and by corner I mean in two weeks, too many people will be piled into this tiny town. I should be excited about the WEG but I can only focus on how ridiculous it is going to be to get into a restaurant, drive across town, go to the mall, etc. I do however think it is only appropriate that we step up our equestrian style. Doesn't everyone in horse country dress like they are ready to hope on their horse and gallop off into the sunset at any given time? After those hours spent in traffic, we are going to wish we had a horse to ride across the country side to get home...gosh I can't wait! As a native of this beautiful bluegrass, here are the picks I'd like to add to my wardrobe in case a horse magically appears in my 10ft by 10ft back yard.
Riding Boot Ann Taylor Loft $198

Lands End Canvas

 Riding Pant Ann Taylor Loft $79.50

Tiffany Look Alike Horseshoe Necklace (Buy real one here for $175 and fake one here for $63)
Would you wear any of these pieces? Is there an equestrian piece not show that you like?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Oxford

A new trend this fall is the oxford. It comes in leather, suede, black, brown, flats, name it, you can probably get this oxford in it. I am kind of digging them with skirts, skinny jeans, and skinny cropped trousers. Here are some of my picks:
Target Xhilaration $19.99 (great reviews! buy here)

Steve Madden Luxe at DSW $49.99 (buy here)
These are a great ballet flat, oxford combo!

Forever 21 $24.90 (buy them here)

Piperlime Coconuts $59.00 (buy them here)

I'd love to know your thoughts on the Oxford. Do you love, hate them? If you own a pair, what style did you go with? What do you like to wear them with? Leave your comment below :).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mindy's Monday Pick

My Monday pick is the Cassidy Plainweave Highwaist Pant from The Limited. It originally runs for $69.50 but is on sale for $39.50 (through labor day). You can buy them here.

The Limited pant sale (all pants $39.50) is running through Monday, September 6th.  However, if you head to the Lexington store, you have to ask them to honor the deal...for some stupid reason they are a "test store" and have some other weird deal going on, that is not half as good. They honored it for me today!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've got the Blues

The weather today was incredible here in the bluegrass and is making me CRAVE cooler weather (I'm not going to say I'm craving fall, because once I say fall then it is going to turn bitterly cold, the beautiful blue sky is going to turn grey, and then I am going to wish I never said fall...because after fall comes evil, evil winter! Yuck!)

Everywhere has the cutest fall stuff out. Cute fall stuff that I absolutely cannot purchase yet because by the time it is cool enough to wear November, not September...then it'll be marked down by almost half and I can buy double the amount (that thought makes me happy...I needed a quick pick me up after that fall/grey sky scare!) I literally could spend a ridiculous amount of money if I bought all the things I want. But we know the reality of it all is that I do not have an endless supply of money and I have an entire closet full of stuff that I don't really wear but refuse to get rid of.

I am really digging navy right now, especially when paired with black. I know, I know you are not suppose to pair black and navy together, but I am thinking I'm just going to have to be a dare devil and go for it! If Snooki can rock a hair claw clip on top of here head, then heck yea I can rock navy and black together (I heart the Jersey Shore, don't judge me). I'm just gonna start breaking all the rules. I might even wear my white pants after labor day (eek! I may not be able to go through with it even thought Jewel says it might just be too much, too soon. I don't wanna over do it).

Asos Dress

Express Silk Shit $69.50 (buy it here)
Ann Taylor Loft Bow and Chain Cardigan $59.50 (buy it here
Express Ruffled Bottom Wool Trench (Ugh, I so need this in my life!) $168.00 (snatch it up here)
AE Embellished Boucle Jacket $79.50 (buy it here and 20% off for a limited time!)