Monday, February 28, 2011

Shellac Me!

I'm sure you have heard all the fuss about this new, amazing nail polish called Shellac, by CND. It's is a revolutionary break through in the Manicure world. A polish that claims to last 14 fulls days without any chips dullness, and you are dries almost instantly. Say what?! Now, back in January I had a similar polish applied called Gelish. It claims all the same things, but I found it was a lot thicker of a polish and looked more like a "fake" polish acrylic nail. None the less it lasted 10 days and then I began picking at it....

Here is my first Shellac manicure:

Shellac Fedora-Day 1

So how does it work? The process begins with a normal manicure: clipping, shaping, buffing, cutical remover, and arm massage (ah, relaxing). The nail tech will remove your cuticles a little more than normal as you do not want this polish to stick to them or your skin. It is not easy to get back off. Next, the nail bed is cleaned one more time with nail polish remover to ensure the base coats attaches itself nicely. First, the base coat of Shellac is applied and then is cured with a UV light. Second, the nail tech will apply two color coats (there are not a lot of colors to chose from...only down fall), again cured under a UV light between each coat. Lastly, the Shellac top coat is applied and then again cured under a UV light for a bit longer than the previous applications. Finally the nail tech will clean the top coat with's very odd, because the nail comes out of the UV light sticky and then wa-la it is smooth and shiny once rubbed with alcohol.

To remove...I do not recommend peeling it off like I did last time as it will rip off the top layer of your nail. The nail salon should remove it. They apply these cotton balls soaked in polish remover and cover them with nail tips. 10 minutes later you are Shellac free and ready for a new color. Here in Lexington this can run you anywhere from $23-$35ish. It can also be used for a pedicure as long as the salon has the UV foot machine.

Hold tight and we'll see if Shellac holds up to the 14 day challenge!

UPDATE: How's the Shellac holding up? See for yourself:

Day 4 Shellac Fedora

Looks exactly the same as day 1! Minus my pale crusty skin.

UPDATE DAY #10: Still looking shiny and in tact (no chips). The growth is starting to show...but who really can keep any polish on for 10 days! and it still look this good. I will say the grow out of the Shellac is way better than the grow out of the Gelish as it was so thick I wanted to pick at it (and I did...picked every nail off which ruined my nails.)

Day 10 Shellac Fedora

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love it or Leave it: Bare Minerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

I know many of you are wondering if I possibly fell of the face of the earth since I haven't been posting that much hardly at all. Work has been so busy, I've been trying to be a good P90X student and get in at least 5 of the 6 days (shew it's really hard to get them all in), and I just feel exhausted...not to mention my new found obsession with Dexter (found on showtime). I know I have done a lot of outfits, a lot of "wish list" type of posts and I thought I might start adding "Product Reviews" to the blog. I always want to know what other's think of a product before I run out and buy it, so I am going to fill you in new products I love and products I could've done without.

The Reality of it All's first product review is Bare Mineral's Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser.

Now let me start with a disclaimer. If you go to the Bare Minerals store before March 3, you will not see this product in this packaging on the shelf. You will find it in a cream bottle labeled "Rare Minerals". But it is the same product...the old packaging is about $4.00 cheaper right now as they are trying to get rid of the old packaging.

A friend of mine raved about this product and I had to go in to see it because I could not even begin to imagine how it worked. This is a powder cleanser...I mean duh...almost all Bare Minerals stuff is a powder. What I couldn't understand was how a powder turns into a cleanser...Is it like dry shampoo? and if so how did that work on your face? The benefits include: completely organic, cleans off the gunk, promises to deliver brighter, smoother skin, and smaller pores. I could not wait to get this home and give it a whirl.

How to use it: First put about a teaspoon of the powder in your wet hand, rub it with your fingers and it will magically become a liquid. It is not really foamy but not what I would consider a creamy cleanser either. You can rub it really smooth or leave it a little gritty depending on if you want more or less exfoliating. What I loved was how it made my skin feel after washing the product off my face. It was smooth and silky. Now, I have only used this one night, so I can't say my pores are smaller yet...but I did immediately like the way it made my skin feel.
I have very sensitive skin and a lot of cleanser's can irritate my skin, leaving it red and burning (no, I don't have rosacea). The fact that it is organic and doesn't have chemicals in it is a plus for me. The better you start taking care of your skin while you are young then the longer it will last you, and that includes chemicals that strip your skin, leaving it dry and dull. I tend to like most all things Bare Minerals, even though I don't use all their products. I have yet to find one Bare Minerals product that I don't like. This cleanser does have a smell (even though the sales lady tried to tell me it didn't), it's a very light organic smell, almost spa like. It very much reminds me of this incredible line of skin care called Indigenous, from an Indian Reservation out in Chandler, AZ that I have visited.

Another win (for me) is the price at $24.00. I really have a hard time convincing myself to spend much more than this for a cleanser, and if you have shopped around for cleansers you know not many are on this lower end that are actually good. The Bare Minerals Boutique also has a great rewards program, so I suggest signing up if you are a loyal customer.

Verdict: LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Taste of Spring

There is nothing worse than getting a little taste of spring, with a warm, sunny 65-degree day. It's literally all I can think about, constantly checking to see when we will get another beautiful spring like day. I blame you ground hog for making us think spring is coming soon. You get our hopes up, throw in one Georges day, let us get just little flavor of spring, and then smash it all to pieces. Oh how I long for a spray tan, bright summer nail polish, subtle warm highlights, golden bronzer, flowey dresses, sandals to bare my manicured toes, and the smell of fresh cut grass (I might be the only person who buys that Yankee that weird) Spring is the sign of something new and fresh and after this dreary cold winter, I could use new and fresh.

Some flavor's I'm craving:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Fever

Who needs Bieber Fever when you've got Spring Fever? Today was so absolutely wonderful! Well the weather was anyhow. I have been holding onto this fushia shirt from Limited that I have been dying to wear for weeks now, but didn't want to cover it up with a jacket or sweater. With 65 degree weather, it got to make it's debut into the world!

In case you are wondering, no I have not been on vacation (I wish I have though), I couldn't resist myself when I saw it would be in the mid 60's this week and hit up my favorite airbrusher's over at No Lines Tanning  for $10 Tuesdays to become instantly bronzed. I can't debut tomorrow's outfit with that pasty body I was sporting around. Tune in tomorrow to find out what it is! Can I go to bed now, so that I can wake up and wear it faster?!? Please.

Oh wait I can't go to bed, I haven't done my daily dose of P90X. Update: I am doing really well at keeping up with the workouts and have made it to week four (last time I only finished two weeks...I have workout commitment issues). Now can I muster up some motivation to kick out some Kempo Karate before crashing on the couch, as I'm sure the hubs will want to watch 15 episodes of Dexter (his Valentines day gift....I'm a good wife, huh?) since he is completely addicted now with only two episodes.

Shirt: Limited (buy it here)
Pants: Limited (fall 10')
Shoes: Off Broadway
Bracelet: Limited
Ring: New York and Company (still in stores in 4 colors)

Gosh I do love this top! It looks eh' online, but try it'll surprise you (especially if you are a ruffles-and-bows-kinda-gal like me!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Shopping

So for some strange reason, the mall parking lot was as packed as it is the weekend before Christmas.The only thing I can come up with is either 1.) I'm in a time machine and Christmas really is right around the corner, 2.) the out-of-towners didn't get the memo that UK was playing in Nashville this weekend and not at home, or 3.) that Valentine's day is as huge as Christmas and people will start putting up trees and placing presents under it. Yeah!!! Presents.

None the less, I managed to find a parking spot and shove my way through the overcrowded mall to use my Chase Rewards Macy's gift card. Timing could not have been more perfect to pick up my new Ralph Lauren Aviator Shades from Macy's-Sunglass Hut for the next few days of beautiful sunshine and 55 degree weather.

I also managed to score this dress I had been eyeing at Ann Taylor since Christmas. Goes to show, if you wait long enough, it will go on sale. Originally priced at $138, I took it home for all of $44.00! Oh I absolutely cannot wait to wear this! Come on spring!

I stopped in Kohl's today, a place that occasionally has a few cute pieces (especially Vera Wang jewelry). I am going back and forth on this top that I thought was adorable in the store but ultimately I left it there. Should I have snatched it up? I think it's priced a little high for Kohl's at $40.00 plus 30% off ($27.99). I think it could be really cute with my dark skinnies.

What are your thoughts? Take it or leave it?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Walking in a Winter Peep Toes?!

I am come to the conclusion today that Mother Nature hates us all. Yeap. It's true. She loves playing these evil, evil games where she drops all this white stuff from the sky. Then she sits back and watches as everyone panics as they try to drive home in this mess. Seven miles should not take an hour to drive home from work, never, ever. Period.

Let's just say I did not pick the right shoes for frolicking through a winter wonderland. Do I need to pack my Uggs around daily, I mean seriously. The weather man has mentioned the possibility of highs reaching the 60's next week. I hope he hasn't jumped on board the Mother Nature boat to play with our emotions.

I am sitting on three new tops that I am just dying to wear, but are either short sleeves, sheer, or a wonderful spring color that I just can't bring myself to wear with this blah, pale skin and brutal fidgid weather.

Here's a work appropriate remix of my new favorite NYC embelished nautical t-shirt.

Pants: Express Editor
Shoes: Shoe Carnival (warning: not meant for snowy conditions)
Necklace: Banana Republic

Monday, February 7, 2011

Give me, Give me, Give me.

Ask and you shall receive.

I decided that since January was over and my no-buying challenge had come to an end (tear), that I would not post an outfit daily. Little did I know, my readers enjoyed my OTD (Outfit of The Day) posts. Awe. Blushes. But it really does take a lot outta a girl to snap a photo daily and blog nightly. Not that I don't love doing it, because I do.

So let's make a deal. I'll try to post an outfit at least every other day. Sometimes my outfits are boring and normal like jeans and a long sleeved-t and I don' t see a need to post those (i.e., Sunday's lazy day outfit!). Some outfits are totally post worthy and those deserve to have their debut to the world.

Now can we get to what is really important here! How horrible was that half-time show last night? I don't love the Black-Eyed Peas, but I was pretty stoaked that the Super Bowl had booked someone with has had a hit song in the last year (ugh, who really cares about The Who, who is under 40? Sorry if you are under 40 and you do, I'm just trying to make a point). Oh Janet, you couldn't just keep your boob in your top and not have a malfunctioning wardrobe? The rest of us are paying for it. The only reason I even suffer through watching three hours of football is to see the half-time show. I knew I shouldn't have wasted my time. Even if the sound team hadn't of screwed up the entire start of the show, the show still would have sucked. And Mrs. Fergalicious please do not ever, ever, ever sing "O Sweet Child of Mine," not even in the shower when you are alone! Oh it's horrible!  My ears are still in pain. Maybe they will learn from their mistakes and booked Justin Bieber next year. Oh baby!

Outfit time!

Watch out! I'm changing it up on you a little bit...leaning to the left (my right). I like to get a little crazy every now and then. This is another J. Crew inspired outfit. I picked up this grey tank back around Christmas 09' when I saw it on a maniquin styled over this black turtle neck. It's such a great way to take your warm weather pieces and mix-it-up a bit for cold weather days.

Top: J. Crew Holiday 09'
Turtle Neck: Gap
Pants: Target Xhileration Clearence (STEAL!)
Shoes: Sloan Wedges from DSW
Necklace: Lia Sophia

Inquiring minds want to know, what is your favorite half-time show? I think Britney, NSync, Aerosmith, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige have to be in the top 5!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Hope your Friday was as fabulous as mine!

I love Friday's and not just because it is the end of the week and the start to the weekend but because in general everyone is in a better mood, you feel like you have finally accomplished something for the week, and in my world it's JEAN day!!! Whoot Whoot! I love jean day. However does anyone else have the hardest time finding jeans that fit well? I am not one to spend $100 plus on a pair of jeans. Just cannot bring myself to do it. Maybe one day but when I can only wear them to work one day a week, I just can't justify the purchase. I shop all the normal people places for my jeans: Gap, Limited, AE,and  Express. My favorites jeans...until today...were my Gap Always Skinny jeans and I think another pair has just moved on in and stolen the spotlight.  All thanks to Limited and their wonderful coupons. I totally took advantage of the $50 off $150. And then you put your jeans (and pants) on sale. Oh how wonderful you are! This means getting jeans and a few tops! Oh how fulfilling it can be to go shopping! These infamous jeans are The Limited 917 Black Skinny Jean! They are everything the reviews say they are. The fit is lower rise (for Limited), fitted everywhere like a glove but with the amazing stretch of a jegging. To me the color looks like really dark jean more than black jean but they are suppose to be black (but not like black-black jeans...sometimes I do not like those). Maybe I'm coming down with color blindness in my old age.

Top: The Limited Stripe Pattern Top
Jeans: The Limited 917 Black Skinny Jean
Bracelets: Express and Limited

The other reason this Friday was fabulous is because it was Brazilian Blowout Day. As a naturally, frizzy, wavy hair person this is the best thing since sliced bread. True Story. For those of you who have not heard of this product and treatment, the Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment to help tame the crazies. Seen on stars like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie and Halle Barry (if you watched "Simple Life" with Nicole and Paris you have probably did Nicole tame that hot mess of her' you know). It takes about two hours to complete the entire process and it is not cheap (well compared to getting a highlight or color...not sure what the comparison is of other hair processes) but the time I get back getting ready in the morning is worth every penny of it. My hair is smooth, shiny, silky, frizz free (even in the humid Florida climate), and fixes in half the time it would normally take. Now, to be clear this is not a straightening process but a smoothing treatment. However many people will find that their hair is perfectly straight or much, much straighter from the treatment. My hair with the treatment still air dries wavy, but if I just use a blowdryer and pull the strands tight with my hand, I can achieve the same silky results I would with a round brush and flat iron. I am actually looking forward to washing and drying my hair tomorrow.

Let's hope the rest of this weekend follows in fabulous Friday's footsteps!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Challenge: Outfit #25

Happy Groundhog Day Readers!!

Let me just say...if that ground hog had seen his shadow then things could've gotten really, really ugly! I am hopeful that since he did not see his shadow then maybe, just maybe spring will!

Without hope...we have nothing.

I know, I shouldn't complain because we didn't get any snow yesterday, just crazy "Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch is about to get a house dropped on her" kind of wind! It was gusting up to 60+ miles an hour and was enough to wake me at 3am to ponder whether I should get up and relocate to the bottom level of the house just-in-case a tornado touches down. The pondering lasted about three minutes and then I was over it. I was way too toasty to move (as we discussed Monday...I don't like getting out of bed once I'm in it).

Today's outfit consisted of items that I have owned for two+ years. I loved these pants when I first got them back in 2007 just as the highwaisted trend starting coming back. I do believe I recently saw "paper bag pants" (which are practically these pants) on The Limited's website which inspired me to dig these out of the back of the closet. I obviously need to drop a few more pounds before I wear them again because I busted the clasp off them. Eek! Oh well...guess I shouldn't of had pizza for lunch (oh but it was so yummy!). More P90X, less carbs how do I get that into my head?

Shirt: American Eagle Ruffled button down
Pants: Limited
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Ring: NYC (black one show yesterday, still in stores)

Here's to an early spring and more open toe shoes. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Challenge: Outfit #25

Does anyone else know that Tetanus shots hurt?! Well they do! They hurt really bad. Not the actual shot it's self...honestly I didn't even know the needle went in my arm. But an hour later...holy moly the worst pain I have ever felt set in. Sore Arm + P90X = even harder to do! I suffered on through it and I'm hoping my arm will feel better tomorrow since I worked it out (with my luck it'll probably feel like it's going to fall off instead.)

Now. Focus. Outfit. The whole purpose of this post.

Have you ever purchased something that you thought was really cute in the store, wore it once or twice, and now you just really are not feeling it? That's this sweater for me. I loved it on the mannequin. I liked it when I tried it on in the store. Now, I just make myself wear it but every time I do I feel frumpy. It is not a flattering sweater but a plus is it's a comfy outfit with leggings. I've tried a white shirt, red shirt, dark grey shirt, black shirt (obviously), jeggings, dress pants, and leggings. I should have left on the rack.

Please forgive the rained on ponytail, not my most flattering hair-do. While the rest of the world is under a blizzard warning, we are just getting lots and lots of rain.

I tried doing something different this time around by adding a chunky black belt, but that didn't really make me like it any better.

Sweater: Limited
T-shirt: Target Xhileration
Leggings: Express
Boots: Loft
Belt: Limited
Ring: NYC (currently in store!)