Thursday, November 26, 2009

Glass Ornament Ball Wreath

I love the glass ornament ball wreaths. However I do not love the price tags that come along with one (usually $60 and up). I have made most of my Christmas decorations (wreaths, garland, etc.) so I figured I'd give this a try. It actually is a fairly simple and inexpensive project.

1. Head to your local Garden Ridge or Walmart and get a package of medium size balls. I did red, gold, and green. Garden Ridge has 24 packs of each for $5.99. (72 medium balls total). I think walmarts are a bit more expensive, but they have some really cute glitter ones! You also need small balls to fill in the holes, I got a 12 pack of each color (red, green, gold also from Garden Ridge).

2. Get the biggest Styrofoam wreath from Michael's (don't forget to print a %40 coupon from the web before you go) and red 2 inch ribbon (I got a big spool of velvet ribbon for about $3.00). You are going to need lots of glue sticks for your hot glue gun so buy a pack while you are at Michael's.

3. You are almost ready to go to work. Take the hook's off each ball so that the gold doesn't sparkle and distract from you wreath. Once all are removed you can start gluing your balls to the wreath.

4. Start on the outside with the wreath flat on the table and hot glue the balls to the side of the wreath with the openings facing down (that will be the back side). Do the same for the inside. Be sure to distribute the balls evenly around the wreath.

5. Start layering the balls around the front of the wreath. Try to keep the balls close together. I hot glued the balls on the bottom and then to the balls around it to keep it from clinking together.

6. Go back and fill in empty holes with the small balls. Again be sure to distribute the balls evenly by color. Let all the hot glue dry before picking up to make sure you don't shatter any of the glass ornaments.

Wa-la! Beautiful, fancy ornament wreath (I would advise against putting the glass balls on the outside as hot glue unsets in extremely cold weather).

Gobble till you Wobble

Hope everyone has had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I had a great time with my family catching up around the dinner table. I have been completey useless today, but isn't that part of the joy in being off for Thanksgiving? I watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in years and part of Home Alone. Now I am laying around being lazy watching Elf. Once I eat turkey, it's game over! I can't help in and I am totally blaming it on the tryptopham. In case you are wondering what that is, it's the a natural seditive or amino acid that the body cannot manufacture. Tryptopham produces the b-vitamin niacin, which increases seratonin levels(a remarkable calming agent in the brain and helps play a role in sleeping). Next time you feel like you just can't keep your eye balls open after eating turkey, take a nap, you can't help it! Blame it on the tryptopham :).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black is the New Black

Black Friday is almost here! I used to dread this day because I had to work it, but now I get to join in all the festivites just like everyone else. I have learned from 1. working in retail and 2. shopping all the time, that most retail clothing stores have their deals up on Wednesday before they close down for Thanksgiving. What does that mean for you the shopper? Go shopping Wednesday and get all the great deals without all the hassle of the crazies out on Black Friday! I am on a mission for sweaters and Gap is having Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, yes I said FREE! The sale starts Wednesday and runs through Friday. I am really hoping that The Limited is going to post up something worth going out to the mall for. Express already has most of their stuff marked down as well. American Eagle usually has 20% off on Friday until noon and as of Tuesday their Sweaters and Hoodies are Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off. A new bluerayer player may be in the cards for Friday :).

**This just in...Limited's entire store will be 40% off on Friday! (& online if you don't want to fight the crowd + free shipping).

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I love, love, love decorating for Christmas. Pottery Barn has by-far some of the best ideas for decorating. I have loathed over the glass ball ornament wreaths but they are just do dag-gone expensive. So I am going to attempt to make one myself. I have made my other wreaths in the past, so surely I can conquer this wreath. Heck I'll make two if I can get the hang of one. I really want one to hang over my fireplace and one for my front door.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Magic, Mirth, and Mischeif

HELLO MAC Holiday Kits! Welcome to every girls Christmas wish list. Georgeous as always. Perfect eye pallets, beautiful new lip glass', shimmering mineralized kits. If you haven't stopped by to check them out, then put it on your To-do list. Ranging in price from $22.50-$36.00.

"Let Me Sign" Twilight Soundtrack

I am really into this song by Rob Pattinson from the Twilight Soundtrack. Just a beautiful song.

Not Dazzeled

I am totally obsessed with the Twilight Saga. If you are around me on a normal basis then this is not something you DID NOT KNOW. I just wanted to share some pics that I came across that confirm what I have already said. Rob Pattinson looks HOT on screen and off. Kristen Stewart is adorable on screen but a HOT MESS in real life. Not sure what she is thinking with her attempts to pull off this mullet. Does she really think this looks good? Why would Rob want to be seen with that?

Here with her Co-star at a press conference in Mexico City:

Here with her co-star and BF Rob:

Now as Bella (Adorable):