Monday, June 28, 2010

The Saga Continues

1 day till ECLIPSE!!! Nuff said.

Leave Aluminum to the Cans!

I just bought my first bottle of natural deodorant....EEK! So far it is working quite well, but I've also been in an air conditioned office all day. Most deo's active ingredient is Aluminum Salt which is also proven to cause Alheizmer's and other neurological disorders. People have been wearing it for years, but it is a toxin that is being released into your body (as many other daily products we use do). I have switched to sulfate free shampoo over the past year so I figured why not give this a go. Does this mean I won't ever go back to using regular deodorant? I don't know...ask me after another 97 degree day and I'll let you know my final answer.