Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost Home

So it's been another long travel week. Jesse left on Monday to head up to Philly for work and will be home tonight as will I (thank goodness). I am sitting in the lobby of a Hampton Inn, waiting for the time to leave to head to our restaurant for the last program of the week. I started out the week in Indianapolis, which I love! We stayed right downtown in a Homewood Suites; it is by far the most amazing hotel at over 100 years old, but has been remodeled to have this old rustic feel to it. If you ever stay in Downtown Indy, stay there! It's close to everything, shopping, food, and the interstate. Wednesday, I slept in, well till 8, then shopped a little and then I drove over to Columbus. Not too much happening in Columbus, but I didn't really venture out to much. Our restaurant was great and we had a great program. What more could I ask for. Today, we drove down to Cincinnati making a pit stop at the Prime Outlet Shops! Yippie for Outlet shopping. I however only bought a button down. Kinda sad, but guess I didn't break the bank. That's a positive. Being in Cinci means I am close enough to head home tonight (as I said above) and I cannot wait to see my husband, doggies and sleep in my own bed. For some reason lately I am not sleeping well in hotel beds. My cousin Sara kept Nikki and Maddy, so I'm sure that was eventful for her! I am so greatful that she was there to help out. Without her, Mom would be stuck with four dogs and going crazy. All in all, it has been a pretty boring week and I'm extremely ready to be home.

Friday, March 13, 2009

If the shoe fits.

After a long day of running around DC and a horrible night of sleep in the nosiest hotel ever there was light at the end of the tunnel in the form of shoes! Megan this is for you! I found a DSW shoe store less than a mile from my hotel (and a super Target with a pay to park lot, but I can find a Target any city I'm in!)

What a great store and I cannot wait for DSW to open in Lexington. The shoe selection is 20x better than that of Off Broadway. I almost feel sorry for Off Broadway because they might not be open long after DSW opens here in Lexington. I didn't buy the shoes I had went after, but there were a ton other that I wish I had left with. Opening day is not going to come soon enough!

I'm back!

So I am finally home from my week-long work trip. I started out the week in Baltimore and headed over to Washington, DC on Wednesday. I was really excited to go to DC, since I have never been before...and yes, I mean never. I didn't do the little kid, middle school trip where you get to go and see all the monuments and the Smithsonian. We had most of the day to kill, but didn't leave the Baltimore hotel till late as I had only really planned to go to the Smithsonian. The guy traveling with me to do my AV set at my shows decided he would go with me and show me the different sites and play tour guide for the day. We saw so much stuff in the shortest amount of time! First on the tour was the Ab Lincoln Memorial. I have seen pictures of this...but man that thing is HUGE!

So because I am five and wanted to see Dinosaur's, we had to hit up the Smithsonian before we got back on the Metro (which I have mastered, thanks to Ashley's map!) I enjoyed the skeleton's but have decided that everything looks super cool in skeleton form (well animals anyhow) because they have animals that still exist today as skeleton's and I was fascinated by them for some odd reason...Here's a few pictures. I kept thinking that the Smithsonian was the museum from "Night at the Museum," after realizing it wasn't I was not as excited. Oh well one more thing I can add to my list of Museum's to see.
There were kids all over the steps of this place, probably doing their middle school tour that I never got to do. Our next stop was the Korean Memorial, which was really cool. All these faces were etched into this wall and appeared to be holographs.

The WWII Memorial, which is fairly new was also without water...go figure, but I found KY!

The Washington Monument was really cool...also extremely large...we didn't do the tour...still not sure what you do when you go up inside the monument, but lot's of people were doing it.

Even though it was an express tour of DC I really enjoyed seeing all the sites and couldn't have asked for a nicer day in DC to walk around. The temperature was prefect and not a rain drop fell from the sky. I have conquered the Metro and can now say I have seen DC in all it's glory. Maybe next time I go back, the fountain's and water will be up and the tree's will be in full bloom.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baltimore, MD

I'M HERE! After shortly landing in Baltimore on a flight that was way too short therefore cutting my nap short (getting up at 4:30 AM is not fun) I headed off to the rental car place. I really hate when you have to take a shuttle from the airport to the rental car place. Thank goodness my GPS worked, because I didn't rent one to save the company money and I didn't google map the hotel from the rental car place (which was pretty far off from the airport). Everything went smoothly, I picked up the AV guy and we headed into the Hampton Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor, which is near our venue for tonight's program and the Harbor. The hotel is great, parking was a bit tricky as all the streets around are one way, so the GPS took use around in a big square and then we missed our turn...go figure, I was driving...and then we couldn't find the parking garage or the valet parkers (they were parking a car, go figure).

We went to the Legendary Phillips on the Harbor for lunch. The are rated number 1 for crab cakes. Ashley and I ate here last time we came and they have the yummiest crab cakes EVER!

All the little touristy shops around the area have the cutest little mugs that say things like "I'm crabby" or "I'm crabby till I have my coffee." I almost bought my hubby one, but they were almost $10 for a little mug. Oh well, the thought was there. It's cold and dreary here today, so I am hanging out in the hotel room. The building next to us is a little something out of NCIS where dead bodies are found, let's just say when the sun goes down, my curtains are going shut! I'll post pics when I get home.

The building next to it, got plowed by a bus in the past day or so...random! There's just a big whole in the wall.

Well just a few hours till I'm off to work. Headed to Washington, DC in the morning. I hope to get to go to the Smithsonian tomorrow since I have never been before. Talk to you tomorrow!

Travel Queen

So I am on my way to Balitmore, MD for work. The flight from Lex to Cinci is way too short...I didn't get my morning nap in :-( Oh well, maybe the next leg. As much as I hate flying, I love acutually being up in the air (usually asleep) and I love watching people in the airport. I am sad that I didn't fly in to Atlanta cause I missed out on my usual breakfast: eggs and biscuit and gravy, and I didn't get to go to the scarf store. A treat I rarely allow myself to have. I did however have Chick-fil-a...the girls at work will laugh at this. I was sad that my Chick-fil-a guy was not there to serve me and say "Thank you Mrs. Rohr." Cinci airport is not the best for outlets, I had to scower around to find an outlet to plug my laptop in to check my mail and blog; now I am sitting here with four other people sharing my extension cord from my travel kit. Needless to say, they are thankful that I am lugging this thing around. Well I am getting ready to board shortly and off to meet Mike, my new travel companion (the AV guy) and hopefully have crab cakes for lunch. Don't worry Ashley, I won't spend over my $50 a day! Thanks to everyone who is praying for my flights, it is comforting to know I'm being put on the Big Guy's to-do list. See you in Baltimore!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well, Saturday is coming to an end and so far it has been a pretty uneventful weekend. Jesse had a show again this weekend in Atlanta, which is where his friend Matthew lives and he got to spend sometime with him as they were generous enough to open up their house and let him crash there instead of a Hampton Inn. Jesse being gone, means I've got to find other things to keep me occupied. Weekends are lonely when he's gone. I spent most of Friday night, facebook chatting (which I love, when it works right) and watching Step Up and then Momma Mia. I originally had no desire to watch Momma Mia...I really didn't have a clue what it was about. After spending 20 minutes in line at Redbox, I was leaving with a movie! Two little kids behind me wanted Beverly Hills Chuiaua, so I decided not to rent it in case it was the last one and got Momma Mia instead. It was cute! I really liked it, even though I don't really know any Abba songs, but "Momma Mia".

I woke up this morning (Saturday) at 7:30 AM and thought I had overslept...for work...I hate when I do that! I spent the rest of the day shopping. I was on a mission for a few things and found about half of them. I really wanted to get poster frames for Jesse's drum room, but they should be on sale cheaper tomorrow at Michael's so that is on hold. I also wanted to pick up Love Spell from Victoria's Secret and scored a free pair of panties! I really don't like shopping at the VS in Hamburg, I think the girls there are so rude and unhelpful...oh well... I also wanted to shop for new clothes, when I'm lonely, I want to shop...I didn't have much luck after hitting up Target, Express, Gap and AE! I should have be embarrassed to call myself a woman and I couldn't find one thing to buy...I didn't give up! I headed to the mall and got a new pair of Jeans from Gap and a new scarf from AE...LOL...both places I went to in Hamburg and couldn't find a thing!

The only good thing about Jesse being gone is that I get to spend time with my Boo (Amanda). We had dinner and drinks at Harry's (well they had drinks, I just ate lots of food). I wish I had a scanner because I am totally in the mood to scan and upload old photos onto facebook! I did upload some old Cancun photos. I love coming across old photos! The goal tomorrow is to get all my random photos lying around into an album or at least a box, so that they are all in the same location. All in all, it's been a nice weekend with beautiful weather. My hubby should be home in the morning! I should have more interesting posts this week as I am headed to Baltimore, DC, and Richmond, VA this week for work. I'll try to get some cool pics up. I hope to get to the Smithsonian while in DC! Ta-ta for now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waa-Laa! Complete

So I finally got motovated last night to finish my frame and I'm extrememly happy how it turned out. I'm not sure I'd make another one, but the next one might go smoother now that I have one down...but I think I'd rather pay $30 for one already complete.