About Me


Name: Mindy

Age: 29...EEK! I am NOT almost 30

Status: Married (What a stud he is!)

Location: Heart of the Bluegrass

Kids: Um...no thank you.

I started this blog about two years ago, after being inspired from a friend on facebook who had this amazing blog about being a stay-at-home mom. Now- I am far, far from a stay-at-home mom, but I thought I could blog about what I know...fashion.

I am a SHOP-O-HOLIC. There! I said it. I worked for American Eagle Outfitters all through college (this definately feed my addition, as I doubt I wore any one top more than twice) and became part of thier management team upon completeing my degree in Psychology (way to go College Counsler in letting me know you can't do diddly-squat with that degree- no grudge held here). In a way, I was a glorified baby sitter (I was blessed with some great staff members and some, well...children) but I was also a personal shopper for as many customer's as would let me be. I could work a fitting room, like no other. I loved helping people find things that fit them well, flattered their bodies, and made them feel good about themselves.

After five years of working retail, I left everything I knew and started a new career in medical education/event planning. This meant, no more jeans, no more tank tops, no more flip-flops; walking through airports in 4 inch heels; making a blah black suit cute, and trying not to go broke while still being cute. What was this laid back casual girl to do? I was going to have to re-vamp my whole style and little did I know, I was going to love every minute of it. I was acustomed to a 40% discount, endless supply of clothes, and being able to wear anything comfy and cute to work. I would now be like the rest of the world and to pay RETAIL! EEK! I litterally had maybe two pairs of dress pants and one pair of heels (ugly, uncomfortable ones at that). This blog is my adventure through a real working girls wardrobe- on a real budget, a little bit of travel, a little of my crazy business ideas, and just my life in general. This is my life story of how I combine business casual, sassy, trendy, cute, and try to do it all on a fairly cheap budget. I vowed to buy classic pieces that fit well, flattered my body, and would last more than a season.

Favorite Stores: The Limited, Express, Victoria's Secret (catalog/online), American Eagle, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Target, Macy's, DSW, Off Broadway, JCrew (hit or miss, great for inspiration), Anthropologie, Piperlime

Favorite Coupon Websites: www.retailmenot.com, www.printable-coupons.blogspot.comwww.dealigg.com