Sunday, April 24, 2011

Build your Ark, the flood is coming!

O.M.G....It is never going to stop raining here in good ol' Kentucky! I am pretty sure I should start looking for wood and collecting my animals because I may need to start building an Ark if this rain keeps on. I would love to see the sun shine, wear my fairly new RL sunglasses, and to not have to carry around my broken umbrella (thank you 30 mph wind for destroying my J.Crew really, I appreciated that!).

On a brighter, less rainy and miserable note, I have gotten some really cute pieces from The Limited over the past week and wanted to share! As I was pulling the pictures I had to stop and laugh-out-loud because majority of what I picked up is either white or cream. Oh could I be more boring? I just can't help it...I love neutrals!

First is this OBR (Outback Red, a casual Limited line) Blazer. I have already worn it three times over the past 8 days. Look awesome with my skinny 917 jeans and the cream lace tank (that you will see below), the white skirt, and with the cream lace skirt (all also seen below).

This lace tank is so beautiful on! It's is great alternative to a plain tank...because well it is still plain but oh-so dainty and detailed with the lace flowers.

Now THE lace skirt! Va-va-Voom is how I feel when I have this on. It's a little shorter than a regular pencil, but I am okay with showing a little leg (wink, wink).

I really like to wear the cream lace tank tucked into the lace pencil skirt. It almost appears to be a cream lace dress when paired together. Would've made an awesome Keeneland outfit, but I didn't make it out there this spring. The perfect topper is this mauve colored cardi.

I have a new found obsession with pencil if one light colored pencil skirt wasn't enough...I went and got this white sateen pencil skirt which can be worn with just about anything. I really hate wearing pants in the summer so I usually opt for a dress or a skirt. The heavy sateen is perfect for concealing your "delicates" but not to heavy for those warm 90 degree days that will (fingers crossed) be here before we know it.

FYI: Macys is having their infamous friends and family right now (25% off everything! Eek! Run now and buy some stuff!) so I could not leave the store without these now could I?

I knew you would agree! Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you took advantage of some great holiday sales this weekend.

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