Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello There!

Wow what a crazy four weeks it has been! I have started a new job, turned 30 (eek! can't believe I just said that out loud....I kid, it really doesn't bother me all that much), spent my birthday on the beautiful beach of Fort Lauderdale and it all seems like a blur. Life is good, I cannot complain. Other than the fact that the weather has been a bit of a downer as it is so up and down. Can a girl just get some warm spring weather? I have cute new things I need to wear!

One of my favorite stores, The Limited ran an awesome 40% off the whole store sale this past weekend and I snatched up some great sales pieces! Including this Trench featured in their national ads for $29.99! Say What?!
And this incredible lace skirt for $17.99!

I am also slightly obsessed with shoes from Aldo at the moment. I have to say that in years past I have hated their shoes and sometimes I still really have a hard time fitting into their sizes (come on Aldo can we just get a half can't be that difficult? All other brands out there do it) but now I could pick out at least 5 shoes that I think I cannot live without. These sandals I got a few weeks back started my addiction. They are AWESOME and worth every penny! I can stand 9 hours and my feet do not feel like they are going to fall off my body by the end of the day.

Awilda $70.00

I recently ordered these two new Aldo shoes and I am patiently awaiting the arrival of:


I really do love spring and spring shopping. Everything is light and airy, the fabrics are colorful and bright, it is just such a relief from the drag, blah winter blues. Keep a look out as it is Macy's friends and family starting next Wednesday! I hope to snatch up a new watch (like I did last year) with a little gold in it. You can also almost guarantee there will be awesome sales for Good Friday and Easter...then hold tight as Memorial Day is just around the corner. Ahhh Summer. How I can't wait for you to arrive!

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  1. Hey! Welcome back and happy belated birthday. I too have jumped on the Aldo train! I bought a few pairs of shoes there this past weekend. :) These are my new favorites:

    Now, all I need is a warm day to wear them!!